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Providing Help with
Big Benefit Decisions

Introducing the Virtual Benefits Assistant—
an interactive, online platform to help your employees make educated benefit plan choices.

Help your employees take control of their benefit choices with a Virtual Benefits Assistant! 

While employees like having a wide range of benefit offerings, they often feel unsure (and overwhelmed) about which benefits make the most sense for them and their family. 

The unfortunate reality is that many company benefits go unused or underutilized by employees. Employees are missing out on opportunities to save money and improve health, while employers are seeing their investment go to waste.

Your Virtual Benefits Assistant is here to keep your employees on track and take full advantage of your benefits investment.


This interactive platform features:

An animated virtual assistant to help your employees navigate to the information they need—when they need it.
Easy-to-understand language that helps employees identify the benefit programs that make the most sense for them.

What’s in it for your employees?


24/7 Access

Benefits information—anytime, anywhere



Better understanding of benefits = potential to save money on healthcare expenses.



Help your employees make the best choices for themselves

What’s in it for the employer?


Increased employee engagement

Engage employees year-round to clearly communicate the value of their benefits and take advantage of the opportunities you provide.


Healthier employees
(and a cost-savings) 

Awareness and education about benefit offerings encourage employees to get and stay healthy, which helps lower the cost to your organization.


Recruitment and
retention tool

Support holistic well-being by providing assistance to help employees take full advantage of their benefits.

Case Study: Ochsner Health

Ochsner Health, a major hospital system in Louisiana, wanted to provide busy employees with easy access to benefits information.

Additionally, the HR team was onboarding an acquisition workforce of more than 5,000 and needed a way for employees to quickly understand their new benefits. 

The Objective: Educate and engage all benefit-eligible employees at a time that fits their schedules—whether at work or home. 

The Solution: Westcomm launched the digital Virtual Benefits Assistant platform to help employees weigh their benefit options.


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